Conversational and Advanced Spanish

Learning Spanish

Learning Spanish

Learning Spanish as a second language could well be the wave of the future in America. After all, Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages on the planet. Find the best online Spanish language resources available for those starting out, those in search of the next educational step and those who want a refresher before a jaunt to Buenos Aires or Sevilla. Spanish language teachers can find valuable tools for the classroom, too.

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Basic Spanish

There are countless resources on basic Spanish via the Web. Use this ... read more »

Conversational and Advanced Spanish

Once you have a base to work with, you can take your Spanish to the next level with conversational exercises and study programs in Spanish-speaking countries. Continue studying conversational and advanced Spanish to gain a full and fluent understanding of the language.

Insights for Conversational and Advanced Spanish

  • Many argue that the best way to learn any language is full immersion in a country that speaks it. Spanish offers at least a dozen countries to choose from, and organized programs to visit and study can be found on many of the sites listed in this Web guide.

Top Sites for Conversational and Advanced Spanish

For conversational Spanish …
To study conversational and advanced Spanish abroad …
For contemporary Spanish practice …
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Teaching Spanish

As students can begin studying Spanish at any age, teachers must be prepared to address the needs ... read more »

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