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Learning German

More than 100 million people speak German as their native tongue. German has a rich history in the Western world and is, along with Latin, the mother language of English. Find the best online resources for teaching German and learning German with the Learning German Web Guide.

Basic German

German is more closely related to English than many languages, so you’re sure to pick up some vocabulary quickly. Use the sites below to find resources for Basic German.

Insights for Basic German

  • There are a number of great language CDs and DVDs available. Each has a different focus and they’re all expensive. If you choose this route, three of the best German programs are reviewed at Learn German.
  • There are many free translation sites on the Web but most cannot be trusted for translating long sentences or complicated ideas; they should be used only for single words or very short phrases. Ectaco is a good one for single words and The New English–German Dictionary works well for common phrases.
  • Planning a trip to Germany? You’ll find invaluable resources for getting to know the culture and booking every part of your trip in the findingDulcinea Germany Web Guide.

Top Sites for Basic German

Getting started with German …
For German vocabulary, verb conjugation and grammar lessons …
For German cultural resources ...
Learning German for children …
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Learning Conversational and Advanced German

The sites in this section can help you in your quest for learning conversational and advanced German. Become more fluent as you practice using the language.

Insights for Conversational and Advanced German

  • If you have the money and the time, consider studying abroad for several weeks or longer in an immersion school—it’s the best way to learn a language the way native speakers use it. Central Europe is the place to go, and you’ll find resources below to help you get there.
  • Perusing German magazines and newspapers, online or off, can help drive home your learning. Try Germany’s most popular magazine, Bild, to keep up with popular German culture.

Top Sites for Conversational and Advanced German

For conversational German …
For advanced German …
To study German abroad …
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Teaching German

Whether you enjoy teaching German to kids, teens or adults, you’ll find links in this section that can help you meet the needs of your students no matter their age or level.

Insights for Teaching German

  • Many large universities host offices dedicated to study-abroad programs, an approach to learning a language that many feel is most beneficial and effective. These offices are geared toward students but can be just as helpful when exploring possible study-abroad options for teachers and professional educators.
  • The Web is full of German reference resources you can offer students when they need extra help. Grammar, vocabulary and simple translation sites can be found in the “German for Beginners” section of this guide.
  • We usually avoid recommending sites that are mere directories of links to outside sources. In our education guides, we make exceptions to this rule in order to provide you with as much helpful content as possible. Make sure to approach every directory with caution and evaluate the links before using a tool in the classroom.

Top Sites for Teaching German

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Community Links in Learning German

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