Introduction to Latin American Studies


Latin American Studies

Historically rich, geographically diverse and culturally intriguing, Latin America is a fascinating place. Discover online resources for Latin American studies, including journals, information on specific countries and current events, and advice for pursuing a career or college major in Latin American studies.

Introduction to Latin American Studies

Get an introduction to Latin American studies, including Latin America’s countries and indigenous cultures.

Insights for an Introduction to Latin American Studies

  • Latin America includes countries in the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Mexico in North America.
  • Latin America is often mentioned in tandem with the Iberian Peninsula, a peninsula in southwestern Europe comprising Portugal and Spain. Learn more about this part of the world with Encyclopedia Britannica.

Top Sites for an Introduction to Latin American Studies

LANIC is the Latin America Network Information Center. In addition to providing links to numerous journals focused on Latin American countries, the site’s country directory is a good starting point for research, listing each country that falls under the Latin America umbrella.

Hispanic Reading Room of the U.S. Library of Congress is a gateway to research on the Caribbean, Latin America and Iberia, covering indigenous culture and heritage, and Latinos in the U.S. and abroad.

Council on Foreign Relations Latin America Studies Program posts “Featured Projects,” covering current events in the region, such as Argentina’s financial crisis, along with research and analysis by CFR’s Latin America Experts.
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Latin American Studies Journals and Research

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Latin American Academic Programs and Careers

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