Plagiarism In The Classroom

plagiarism in the classroom
Zanetta Hardy

Plagiarism In The Classroom

Essential to a student’s growth as a Web researcher is learning how to properly attribute the information used when composing reports. Use this guide for lesson plans and insight into how to teach students to avoid plagiarism in Web research and to find resources for understanding and detecting plagiarism.

The Internet makes it easy, and occasionally tempting, to “cut and paste” text from sources directly into papers. The volume of information encountered also makes it easy to become lax on including citations. 

Visit the Plagiarism Prevention Guide before or after you read these lesson plans to gain a comprehensive overview of what constitutes plagiarism, how to detect plagiarism and where to find resources for proper citation.

Teaching Students About Plagiarism

These sites will help you plan lessons to teach students about plagiarism in research, develop academic honesty policies for students and teach students to create citations.

Top Sites for Teaching Students About Plagiarism

For avoiding plagiarism lesson plans …

ReadWriteThink provides teachers with a lesson plan for instructing students on the definition of plagiarism, the importance of citing sources, acceptable methods for paraphrasing and more.

Literacy Matters has an article for teachers on developing the online research skills of students. In the paraphrasing section toward the bottom, readers will find links to six sites with teacher-specific information on teaching plagiarism avoidance.
presents educators with extensive resources for understanding plagiarism. Of specific interest to teachers are the tips for plagiarism prevention.

The Alpine School District offers a sample lesson plan on taking notes that includes a section on avoiding plagiarism.

The New York Times presents a lesson plan about avoiding unintentional plagiarism for 6th through 8th graders.

Northern Valley Regional High School provides lesson plans for 8th through 12th graders about plagiarism, with links and materials included.

Acadia University has a slide show about plagiarism made for college students but applicable to middle and high school students.
For classroom and school academic honesty policies …

The International School in Ho Chi Minh City
has a thorough academic honesty policy.

Susquehanna School District provides an academic policy guide and student agreement.
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