What Is Homeschooling?


Homeschooling: Resources for Learning Outside the Classroom

The Homeschooling Web Guide can aid you in every stage of your homeschool research and implementation. Whether you're curious about the different kinds of home-based schooling or interested in trying it as the primary education in your household, the homeschooling resources here can get you started. Use the Homeschooling Web Guide to research the legal aspects, look for homeschool teaching and test-prep resources, and find online homeschool communities or news.

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What Is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is when parents or guardians take responsibility for educating their children outside any school system. The Internet is a great resource for understanding what homeschooling is and how it is practiced around the United States.

Insights for Understanding What Homeschooling Is

  • When using a search engine, narrow your search for homeschool-related information by using more specific terms like "homeschool history" or "homeschool frequently asked questions." If you're not finding enough results, try synonyms such as "home education."

Top Sites for Understanding What Homeschooling Is

For a general overview of homeschooling ...
For information on the different types of homeschooling ...
For common homeschool terminology explained ...
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Deciding to Homeschool

One thing that all homeschoolers seem to agree on is that deciding to homeschool is not an easy choice, and it takes a lot of commitment to make it work. The Web has plenty of statistics, opinions and questions you should consider as you decide if homeschooling is right for your family.

Insights for Deciding to Homeschool

  • See the "Homeschooling News and Advice" section of this guide to read some personal experiences from those who decided to homeschool.
  • Most major homeschooling associations include a series of questions or other resources on their Web sites to assist parents in deciding whether to homeschool; be aware that these organizations ultimately encourage homeschooling as a way to educate children.
  • Homeschooling is an emotional issue. The Internet is littered with biased information on both sides. Read a range of opinions, and look for articles from credentialed and/or knowledgeable sources.
  • Don't just passively consume information. Post messages to discussion groups and initiate conversations with people in the homeschooling community as you explore this choice.

Top Sites for Deciding to Homeschool

For studies and statistics about homeschooling ...
For help deciding if you're prepared to homeschool ...
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Homeschool Laws and Regulations

Homeschool laws and regulations vary from state to state. Because new laws are being passed all the time, one of the biggest challenges for the homeschooling parent is keeping up with the legal requirements. The Web provides a relatively painless way to stay current.

Insights for Homeschool Laws and Regulations

  • Homeschooling laws vary by state; see some of the sites below for links to information about each state. Check your state government's Web site for more information about your local laws.

Top Sites for Homechool Laws and Regulations

For explanations of the kinds of laws that relate to homeschooling ...
For up-to-date information on homeschooling laws in your state ...
For information about homeschooling and immunization ...
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Homeschool Curriculum and Resources

Homeschooling parents stress the importance of planning and having access to adequate resources in order to educate their children. Creating a homeschool curriculum and resources is easy to do with the help of the Web. 

Insights for Homeschool Curriculum and Resources

  • Traditional books and lessons are available for sale online. There are even homeschool curricula that are entirely Web-based. Although almost all homeschooling sites have materials for sale, there's plenty of material available for free if you search around.
  • Blogs are a great way to get homeschooling ideas in a less formulaic way. They're filled with unique tips and inspiration.

Top Sites for Homeschool Curriculum and Resources

To help you choose a homeschool curriculum ...
To enroll in an outside curriculum ...
For teaching resources ...
For test preparation resources ...
For religious resources ...
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Homeschooling News and Advice

The homeschooling community makes extensive use of the Internet to communicate and connect. Find helpful homeschooling news and advice below.

Insights for Homeschooling News and Advice

  • Many sites offer free e-mail newsletters; these can provide an easy way to find homeschooling news and advice that's important to you.
  • Blogs, discussion boards and chat rooms are all places where homeschoolers talk about their experiences. Try a blog search engine such as Technorati to find homeschool topics of interest to you.
  • Search engines allow you to search both general Web sites and current news stories. To look for news, try searching on Breitbart.com or Newslink.

Top Sites for Homeschooling News and Advice

For homeschooling news . . .
For online homeschooling communities and advice about homeschool ...
To find blogs written by homeschooling families ...
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