Precalculus Resources for Parents

High School Precalculus

High School Precalculus

High school precalculus is an advanced form of algebraic math and a student’s gateway to calculus and college-level mathematics. This High School Precalculus Web Guide can help teachers, students and parents navigate the abundance of precalculus resources, including study guides, available online.

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Precalculus for High School Students

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Teaching High School Precalculus

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Precalculus Resources for Parents

The Web provides plenty of precalculus resources for parents so you can refresh your mathematical skills or even start from scratch. And if that isn’t enough, there are a number of opportunities to find precalculus help outside of the home.

Insights for Precalculus Resources for Parents

  • If precalculus proves to be more challenging than you or your child first expected, don’t be afraid to seek out a study group or private tutor. Look for professional math tutors online or locally through online directories like
  • The TI-84 is the graphing calculator of choice for precalculus students and can be purchased online from most electronics retailers. Details about the calculator’s capabilities and pricing can be found on the Texas Instruments Web site. Pearson Education provides online tutorials for the TI-84 for those unfamiliar with graphing calculators.

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