Precalculus for High School Students

High School Precalculus

High School Precalculus

High school precalculus is an advanced form of algebraic math and a student’s gateway to calculus and college-level mathematics. This High School Precalculus Web Guide can help teachers, students and parents navigate the abundance of precalculus resources, including study guides, available online.

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Precalculus for High School Students

Students hoping to advance their studies to include calculus first need to face precalculus in high school or college. This requires not only a basic understanding of algebra, geometry and trigonometry, but also knowledge of the TI-84 graphing calculators. This Precalculus for High School Students Web Guide spotlights the resources students need to prepare and excel in their precalculus classes.

Insights for Precalculus for High School Students

  • Math and arithmetic Web sites can sometimes be far more helpful than their design suggests. Though not aesthetically pleasing, many of these sites provide valuable observations that can help students and teachers alike.
  • Be aware that not all answer and tutorial sites are created equal. Online communities and message boards can be helpful, but remember to double-check the work of those providing answers or ask your teacher for advice.
  • There are countless precalculus teaching tutorials that you can download for free or purchase for a small charge. Not all programs are equal in quality and accessibility, however, so don’t be afraid to ask your teacher for suggestions.

Top Sites for Precalculus for High School Students

For an introduction to precalculus …
For precalculus reference …
For precalculus tools …
For extra precalculus practice …
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