Teaching High School English Literature

High School Literature

High School English Literature: Resources for Students, Teachers and Parents

Shakespeare, classic American or European fiction, and contemporary poetry are only a few of the categories of high school English resources you can find on the Web. This High School English Literature Web Guide points you to the best sites on the Internet, whether you’re looking for an obscure sonnet, essays about Renaissance literature or historical background and literature study guides.

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High School English Literature Help

High school English literature is so much more than just reading. There are names ... read more »

Teaching High School English Literature

Teaching high school English literature means casting a wide net, from the Middle Ages to contemporary American writing. We’ve found Web sites that fully utilize the Internet to help keep your students engaged no matter which century they’re focused on.

Insights for Teaching High School Literature

  • We usually avoid recommending sites that are mere directories of links to outside sources. In our education guides, however, we make exceptions to this rule in order to provide you with as much helpful content as possible. Make sure to approach every directory with caution and evaluate the links before using a tool in the classroom.

Top Sites for Teaching High School Literature

For high school literature lesson plans …
For high school literature Web sites to use during class …
For minority and international literature resources …
For free English literature texts available online …
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High School English Literature at Home

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