Teaching Resources for High School Government

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High School U.S. Government

America’s federal, state and local governments affect nearly every aspect of our lives, and understanding how they work is important. Use the High School U.S. Government Web Guide to find engaging government resources for students, teachers and parents.

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Student Resources for High School Government

Investigate your local and national government, find original documents written by historical ... read more »

Teaching Resources for High School Government

There are so many fantastic social studies resources online that, as a teacher, your biggest problem may be choosing which to use in your classroom. Whether you’re teaching the three branches of government or following the election process, you’ll find great teaching resources for high school government using the sites below.

Insights for High School Government Teaching Resources

  • Don’t get fooled into paying for resources. Although some pay sites offer dependable content, you’re just as likely to find great stuff somewhere else for free. Museums, government entities and universities all offer excellent resources at no charge, and are often more engaging than pay-site material.
  • Many popular news publications and networks, such as Time and CNN, offer online content designed for students. Their Web sites provide lesson plans, activities and worksheets for teachers based on current articles. Some sites even describe alignment with content standards.
  • There are many resources throughout findingDulcinea.com that can greatly enrich the social studies experience in your classroom. Our Beyond the Headlines section puts the day’s news in a broader context. The Politics Web Guide highlights the best Web sites for political news, history and activism, and houses individual Web guides to each branch of government.

Top Sites for High School Government Teaching Resources

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Parent Resources for High School Government

In high school, students broaden their ideas about citizenship as they learn the workings of their ... read more »

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