High School Chemistry for Students


High School Chemistry: Resources for Students, Teachers and Parents

Chemistry class gets down to the nitty-gritty—moles of atoms and molecules that come together in covalent and ionic bonds. You’ll learn what’s going on around you even when you can’t see it, and that the smallest of changes can make a big difference. In the High School Chemistry Web Guide, students and parents will find chemistry help with homework and test prep, while teachers will get lesson plans and classroom tools to make teaching chemistry fun.

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High School Chemistry for Students

Chemistry opens up a whole new world for students, and it can be an amazing and interesting one. These resources on chemistry for students will help you get your homework done, prepare for tests and get to know all those elements in the periodic table.

Insights for High School Chemistry for Students

  • If you’re using a chemistry textbook, check the publisher’s Web site for activities and resources that relate directly to the chapter you’re working on. McDougal Littell, for example, offers supplemental materials that take the chapters a step further.
  • There are sites that offer expert advice and answers to chemistry questions for a fee. Check the credentials of any expert before you get advice (check the “About Us” section of the site), ask your parents before spending money and don’t give out any personal information online.

Top Sites for High School Chemistry for Students

For periodic tables and chemistry formulas …
For help with chemistry homework …
For chemistry test prep ...
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