High School Algebra Help

High School Algebra

High School Algebra: Tutorials, Study Guides and Web Resources for Students, Teachers and Parents

Algebra dates back to ancient times when Babylonians solved quadratic equations using almost the same methods that high schoolers are taught today. Our High School Algebra Web Guide explains math concepts for parents; offers homework help, extra practice and tutorials to the math-phobic student; and gives teachers tools to help students truly understand algebra.

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High School Algebra Help

There are lots of Web sites dedicated to offering students high school algebra help with guided instruction on homework, explanations of algebra principles and skill practice.

Insights for High School Algebra Help

  • In England and Australia you’ll find that the study of math is more commonly referred to as “maths” or “arithmetic.” Using these terms when looking for resources online can unlock a whole new array of helpful sites. More specific searches you might find helpful include “algebra,” “pre-algebra,” “algebra I” and “high school math.”
  • Algebra is the foundation of almost every higher math and science course you'll ever need to take, including geometry and calculus, chemistry, physics and engineering. It’s also involved in a large percentage of the questions on the SAT and ACT.

Top Sites for High School Algebra Help

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For algebra tutorials ...
For online algebra games and activities ...
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Teaching Algebra

High school teachers may need all the help they can get when it comes to teaching algebra, a subject that many students find intimidating, confusing or downright boring.

Insights for Teaching Algebra

  • Many educations sites have excellent content but subpar design. Although findingDulcinea normally filters out poorly designed sites, we have made some exceptions to bring you the best content on teaching  algebra.
  • We also usually avoid recommending sites that are mere directories of links to outside sources. In our education guides we make exceptions to this rule to provide teachers with more options for lesson plans and student activities. Teachers should approach directories with caution and evaluate outside links before using them in the classroom.

Top Sites for Teaching Algebra

For worksheets and other printables for teaching high school algebra ...
For algebra lesson plans and curricula ...
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Algebra at Home

These resources can help you help your children learn algebra at home and assist them with their schoolwork.

Insights for Algebra at Home

  • Ask your child’s teacher what the class is studying and supplement those subjects at home. The “Teaching High School Algebra” section of this Web guide will be of particular interest to many parents and can provide inspiration for ways to get your child interested in algebra.
  • Don’t worry if you feel a little rusty working with a subject you haven’t touched in years; many sites with algebra resources have “pre-algebra” sections that can provide a refresher course. Having your children teach concepts to you is another great way to get a refresher and can help your children clarify concepts in their own minds.
  • The “High School Algebra Help” section of this guide is full of interesting sites to help explain and interest students in algebra. You may want to browse that section for sites to show your child or sites that you and your child can use together.

Top Sites for Algebra at Home

For algebra reference …
For algebra homework help …
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