Geography Basics



Where is Timbuktu? Kalamazoo? Which South American country boasts two capital cities? What state has the longest coastline? Learn the answers to these questions and more with the Geography Web Guide. The Web sites included here help students learn, provide resources for teachers and challenge even the most devoted geography lovers.

Geography Basics

Use the Web sites below to get an introduction to geography basics and assess the importance of geography in our world.

Insights for Geography Basics

  • American students know less about geography than students in other developed countries. According to National Geographic, just 37 percent of young Americans can identify Iraq on a map.

Top Sites for Geography Basics

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Physical Geography

Readers searching for specific information on physical geography, such as islands, mountains, rivers and lakes, can find help on the sites in this section.

Top Sites for Physical Geography

Who knew?
NASA's Earth Observatory reveals how developers have created hundreds of artificial islands off the coast of Dubai, arranged in the shape of a world map.
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Human Geography

Geography influences foreign policy, trade, warfare even health care. The human geography portion of the guide provides online resources for exploring the interaction between people, place and culture.

Insights for Human Geography

  • Human geography is also called cultural geography. When searching for more information, try using both terms for better search results.

Top Sites for Human Geography

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Early Explorers

Use the Web sites below to find biographies, travel routes, journals and sensational stories of the early explorers who braved shipwrecks, disease and death in search of undiscovered lands.

Top Sites for Early Explorers

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Teeming with maps of every variety, the Web sites below can point you in the right direction. Get maps for online use, maps to print and maps to purchase.

Insights for Maps

  • The problem with sites like Google Maps and Wikimapia is that they provide information that’s volunteered by users (and that may not be accurate), rather than “authoritative” information.

Top Sites for Maps

Who knew?
Think you don’t have time to study geography? Try studying in the privacy of your bathroom with a world map shower curtain.
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Geography Lesson Plans

The Web sites below are devoted to making geography a rich experience for students.  You’ll find lots of resources, including innovative geography lesson plans, problem-solving activities and interdisciplinary projects.

Insights for Geography Lesson Plans

  • One of the first things students may ask is, “What’s the difference between geology and geography?” The sites below are focused on geography but there is certainly some overlap of the two disciplines.
  • The annual National Geographic Bee happens every April across the U.S. After state-level contests, winners proceed to the national bee in May.

Top Sites for Geography Lesson Plans

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Geography Games

Scramble your brains trying to remember the capital of Ghana or locate the Midway Islands. Geography lovers can enjoy geography games with the Web sites below.

Top Sites for Geography Games

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