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College Life: Resources and Tips for College Students

Whether you're going off to college for the very first time, or are a returning student, you can find the help you need with our College Life Web Guide. Succeed academically, physically, financially and emotionally during your college years with advice on dorm life and health and finances, as well as Web tools for academic success.

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Dorm Life

For many students, going to college involves a physical move away from family and old friends and ... read more »

Get Organized

One way to make sure that you are successful in college is to get organized. Use ... read more »

How to Study

Getting organized is one giant step toward academic success, but there are plenty of other tools ... read more »

Health and Nutrition

Academic success isn't the only goal for a college student; your college years are also a good time to develop positive health and nutrition habits that will stick with you throughout your life.

Insights for Health and Nutrition

  • Many schools offer some type of mental or physical health care or health insurance for free or at greatly reduced costs. Try your college's Web site to see if it offers any of these programs.
  • College students have a tendency to make getting enough sleep a low priority. Try reading our Sleep Web Guide to find out how important sleep really is, or to help you combat sleep issues such as insomnia.

Top Sites for Health and Nutrition

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Saving Money

Just as developing a healthy lifestyle in college is important, developing money management skills ... read more »

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