What Is Distance Learning?

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Laurel Ranticelli looks at her UMASS online class information, July 1, 2008, in Springfield, Mass.

Online College Courses and Degrees: Go to College Without Leaving Home

If a busy schedule, physical handicap or other obstacle has prevented you from attending college at a local campus, then distance learning may be ideal for you. Most major colleges offer at least a few online college courses and degrees with more and more colleges operating exclusively online.

What Is Distance Learning?

Distance learning can be a great opportunity for some but it isn't suited for everyone. The following Web sites reveal the types of students who do best with distance learning.

Insights for Understanding Distance Learning

  • Sites with tips and tricks to help you determine if distance learning is right for you are included below. Review the advice and see if you can imagine yourself following it.
  • When looking for general information or opinions about online coursework, go for objective sources rather than an online college's Web site.

Top Sites for Understanding Distance Learning

For an introduction to distance learning coursework ...
To assess whether distance learning is right for you ...
For tips to help you succeed ...
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