Applying to Schools


Choosing a School for Your Child: Resources and Information for Finding the Right One

Your child will spend at least 16,000 hours at school from kindergarten through grade 12. That's only one reason why it’s important to select a school that will allow your child to thrive. The Web offers solid resources and information to help you in choosing a school for your child that meets their needs and those of your family.

Understanding Different Types of Schools

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Schools for Gifted Students

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Special Education Programs

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Applying to Schools

The school application process can be rigorous, time-consuming and expensive. Use the Web sites in this section to find strategies for applying to schools that can help your child get into the school of their choice.

Insights for Applying to Schools

  • Applying to elementary, middle school and high school can be similar to the college application process. Testing, essays, letters of recommendation and interviews may be required.
  • Not meeting deadlines can prevent your child from getting into their ideal school. Keep a running list of all application deadlines, including deadlines for testing, essays, medical exams and interviews.

Top Sites for Applying to Schools

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