After-School Program Staff Training


After-School Programs: Resources for Student Enrichment

After-school programs provide enrichment and development opportunities for kids and young adults beyond the traditional school curriculum. Programs taking place after school hours give youth a safe, supervised place to explore interests, learn new skills and spend worthwhile time with peers and adults. Learn about the various types of after-school programs available, or learn how to start your own after-school program. 

Finding After-School Programs

The after-school hours are an important time that can be used to enrich learning and social skills. ... read more »

How to Start an After-School Program

Launching an after-school program is a huge and worthwhile undertaking. From the proposal stage ... read more »

After-School Program Curriculums

The after-school program curriculums with the most impact connect learning across ... read more »

After-School Program Staff Training

Whether you’re looking to become an after-school practitioner or you’re a seasoned veteran, the Web is teeming with after-school program staff training information and resources. Let the sites in this section show you where to find development and training opportunities, the latest after-school policy information, and even where to find an after-school position that makes the most of your skills and talents.

Insights for After-School Program Staff Training

  • The Internet is loaded with certificate programs and online classes to jumpstart your development and training as an after-school program provider. Take a look at the findingDulcinea Education Web Guide for ideas.
  • Becoming a youth worker can be very fulfilling—and challenging. Consider getting a taste of this type of work by volunteering or working part-time; lists thousands of opportunities.

Top Sites for After-School Program Staff Training

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