Elementary, Middle and High School Student Resources


Education: School on the Web

From its start, the Internet has helped scientists and academics share their work, so it’s no wonder that people now are able to use the Web as an educational resource and research library. If you’d like to take a class without leaving your home, find the right college, locate teaching resources or learn about almost anything, we’ve found Web sites that help you do it.

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Elementary, Middle and High School Student Resources

Students will find a wealth of resources on the Web and, so long as they sort the good from the bad, can benefit greatly from the amount of information available to them online. Here we’ve selected a few educational resources for students of all ages.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Many reference sites (for example, libraries, search engines and Web directories) have sections devoted to student resources: Ask for Kids, Yahoo Kids, and Quintura for Kids, for example. Even news magazines like Time For Kids and the Newsweek Education Program provide information to help kids keep up with the news.
  • Ask your teacher for suggestions about Web sites that might be of help. Many school districts provide teachers with lists of homework help sites and other educational sites.
  • Check the Web site of the company that publishes your textbook for help with lessons from your text. Often these sites have extra games, study tools and practice problems to help you get a grasp of the subject at hand.

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