Starting the Business


Starting a Business: How to Become an Entrepreneur

Starting a business can be extremely exciting, challenging and fulfilling. The Web sites below will help you weigh the sense of ownership and accomplishment associated with entrepreneurship against the long hours and potential stress. These resources will also help you start your business and provide the necessary information to keep it running smoothly. Finally, this guide can connect you with the entrepreneurial community.

Entrepreneurial Self-Assessments

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Starting the Business

Now that you’ve decided entrepreneurship is for you, it’s time to start your own business. The sites in this section will hopefully make that monumental task slightly less daunting, and explain how to get started, as well as how to manage your business’ finances and legal affairs.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • One way to start a business with a bit less risk (albeit with more restrictions) is to open a store that’s part of a franchise. If you have a particular franchise in mind, check the company Web site to get more information about opening a store of your own.
  • The sites listed below serve entrepreneurs in general so they may not have information specific to your industry. Try searching online for resources specific to your industry of choice. Online trade publications or niche communities can provide some great advice (and potential contacts or a customer base) for your new business.
  • Online banking is an easy (and convenient) way to keep track of your business expenses. The site allows you to track your spending across all of your online accounts; you’ll also find spending, saving and goal-attaining advice from other Wesabe community members.

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Connecting With the Entrepreneur Community

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