Part-Time Employee Rights

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Part-Time Jobs: The Quest for Job Flexibility

Depending on your situation, part-time employment can be the perfect way to either make a little spending money or continue your career while cutting back on hours. Use the Part-Time Jobs Web Guide to find all you need concerning alternative working hours: general information, tips, job finders, legal logistics and direct accounts of people's experiences.

Part-Time Jobs and Job Sharing

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Finding and Applying to Part-Time Jobs

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Working Part-Time Jobs

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Part-Time Employee Rights

You may not be working enough hours per week to qualify for company benefits, but there's no minimum number of hours to have rights as an employee. Although many employers have their own policies, state and national regulations are always in place. Use the sites below to get acquainted with your part-time employee rights.

Insights for Part-Time Employee Rights

  • Go straight to a company's Web site for details on employee policies and benefit information. Often this information can be found in a career section of the page. If you have trouble finding exact policies on the Internet, look for the company's contact information. Write an e-mail or make a phone call requesting the information you need.
  • The U.S. Department of Labor doesn't legally distinguish part-time from full-time, so there are no specialized regulations for part-time work. It's up to you to discuss and establish hours and benefits with your employer.
  • Many of your rights as a part-time employee are the same or similar to those of full-time employees, making general employment laws and Web sites applicable and useful.

Insights for Part-Time Employee Rights

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