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Management: Tools for Being a Better Manager

“Management” is such a broad and vague term, but at its core management entails the fine art of supervising other people. Whether you’re a high-level executive, run a small business, or work in middle or lower management, the job of managing people involves many pitfalls and challenges. In this Web Guide we recommend the best places on the Internet to get general management advice. You’ll learn about hiring and firing, explore motivation and team building, and find some great blogs and forums on management.

General Management Advice

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Interviewing and Hiring Employees

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Promoting, Firing, and Performance Evaluations

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Employee Motivation

One of the most important talents a manager can have is the ability to motivate his or her workers and create a more enjoyable and productive workplace. Learn how to create cohesion through team building exercises and potent managing with the Web sites on employee motivation we recommend below.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • There are plenty of companies that specialize in team building, and you can purchase their services. Some of the sites in this section do, in fact, offer such services or other products, but all the sites below have great free information available.
  • A manager is a leader. If you search the Internet for sites on becoming a better leader, you’ll likely encounter some valuable information for your vocation.
  • First, Break All the Rules is a valuable book examining the practices of successful managers in all kinds of industries and levels, with great insight on motivation and leadership.
  • Wooden on Leadership, by John Wooden, discusses how to cultivate your leadership skills as a manager and how to instill a powerful work ethic in your employees.

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Management Legal Issues

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Management Blogs and Forums

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