Job Networking and Finding Employment Agencies

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Finding a Job

Whether you're researching companies and job opportunities, perfecting your résumé and cover letter, building a positive online identity, putting your best foot forward in a job interview, or negotiating appropriate pay for your position, the Job Hunting Web Guide makes finding jobs online a breeze.

Jobs Online

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Job Search Engines

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Job Networking and Finding Employment Agencies

You might meet someone on an airplane or in line at the grocery store who offers you the job opportunity of a lifetime but it’s not very likely. You'll have to make an effort to let employers know you're looking for work, by job networking and/or signing up with an employment agency.

Insights for Job Networking and Finding Employment Agencies

  • When perusing job search engine results, you’ll notice that many of the jobs advertised are offered through an agency. If you see a job that's intriguing, you may want to stop by the employment agency (if it isn’t too far away), sign up with them and see what other opportunities they have. As there are so many employment agencies out there, this is a good way to find one that fits your needs.
  • Be wary of services that will "post" or "blast" your résumé for you. Posting will put it on a number of job Web sites, and blasting will send it out via e-mail to recruiters. These methods might get you more spam than legitimate job offers.
  • Consider using just your e-mail address as a contact when you post an online résumé. Set up a free e-mail account with, or that you only use for your job hunt to keep your personal e-mail address secure.
  • If you decide to post your résumé to a job site, remove it once you've finished your job search.

Top Sites for Job Networking and Finding Employment Agencies

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