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Motorcycles: modes of transportation, personal statements, or ways of life? Most likely, they are a little bit of each. The motorcyclist is long entrenched in American mythology, but just what are motorcycles—and motorcyclists—all about? There are resources on the Web to shed light on all of this and help out any rider or aspiring rider looking for motorcycle advice, places to buy, or other riders to commune with.

Motorcycle Basics

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Learning to Ride a Motorcycle

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Buying a Motorcycle

You’ve taken the MSF rider course. You’ve perfected your leaning, your clutch skills, and your braking. You can lift the heaviest bike that’s dropped, and your thumb knows exactly where the kill switch is. Let’s get you a bike already! But, wait … which bike is best? And where should you get it? Don’t panic: there are numerous sites to help you go from a wannabe-biker to a wannabe-biking-more.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Most of the major Web sites for buying a car are also useful for buying a motorcycle. If you want more information on buying a motorcycle, the findingDulcinea Car Shopping guide has loads of tips and Web sites for buying a vehicle, whether it has four wheels or two.
  • If you know what brand of motorcycle you want, then you may want to explore that company’s Web site. Honda’s Web site, for example, allows you to customize your own bike with colors and accessories. These sites also let you browse through their selection of models easily, and point you to any dealers nearby.
  • Remember, you’ll be spending a lot of time on this machine, and you’re putting your life in its hands (or handlebars, as it were). Shop around and get pricing online, but make sure to get a feel for the machine in person before you buy.
  • You’ve bought your bike and are raring to go. All set? Not quite. A motorcycle purchase isn’t complete without a DOT-approved helmet. Most states have laws requiring that motorcyclists wear them, and study after study shows they are the most effective piece of safety gear available to a rider. At Motorcycle Cruiser magazine’s site, you’ll find a good guide on how to choose and buy a safe helmet, as well as useful links for further information on helmets below the article.
  • Although you can shop online for a motorcycle through classifieds sites like Craigslist, major motorcycle or helmet purchases are not ones you should make quickly or haphazardly.

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