Learning to Ride a Motorcycle



Motorcycles: modes of transportation, personal statements, or ways of life? Most likely, they are a little bit of each. The motorcyclist is long entrenched in American mythology, but just what are motorcycles—and motorcyclists—all about? There are resources on the Web to shed light on all of this and help out any rider or aspiring rider looking for motorcycle advice, places to buy, or other riders to commune with.

Motorcycle Basics

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Learning to Ride a Motorcycle

Most states require bikers to get a special motorcycle license (often referred to as an “endorsement”). And unless you grew up riding them, you’ll also most likely need some training before you can get a bike going without falling down or stalling. Don’t embarrass yourself trying to make it happen all alone—there’s a vast array of courses that can get you and your bike up and running gracefully. Find these and many other resources for advice and information in this section.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • We know, you’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating: motorcycle riding is very, very dangerous. Safety is something that demands a rider’s constant attention. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation rider course, discussed in the first site below, is universally necessary for any rider.
  • Even if you have been riding for years, it’s always smart to take a refresher course—laws change, and so do the rules of the road. Don’t get left behind.
  • Motorcycle laws, including lane-sharing laws, helmet laws, insurance and licensing laws, and even upkeep laws differ from state to state. Make sure you know what your state requires. This chart of equipment laws for each state comes courtesy of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

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Buying a Motorcycle

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Motorcycle Accessories

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Biker Communities

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Motorcycle Blogs

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