What is Autism?


Autism Resources: Using the Web to Understand the Autistic World

According to the Wall Street Journal, somewhere between one in 500 and one in 166 children in the United States have autism. Autism has no definite causes or cures, and can seem like a devastating diagnosis for the patient and for his or her loved ones. However, people with autism can live successful, happy lives. In this Autism Resources Web Guide, you'll find valuable information for those with autism, and gain the knowledge you need to make life as rich as possible for you and your family.

What is Autism?

Use the sites in this section to understand what autism is, learn about its potential causes and familiarize yourself with its signs and symptoms.

Insights for Understanding Autism

  • You'll likely find a handful of terms mentioned frequently during your research. For example, autism is a type of pervasive developmental disorder (PDD).
  • Because every individual case of autism is unique, most online information about autism is purposefully very general. If you'd like more specialized help, try searching the Web sites of autism foundations and organizations.
  • The Autism PDD Support Network has a list of books on autism; many of the titles address children with autism.

Top Sites for Understanding Autism

For an overview of autism information ...
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Symptoms and Causes of Autism

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Adults With Autism

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Autism Advocacy

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Autism News and Research

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