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Blogs: Find a Blog to Read or Create Your Own

Think of the Internet as your personal publishing house. On it you can choose from a million self-published journals and diaries known as blogs, and keep current on all the topics that interest you, as well as create your own blog, adding your voice to the buzz of the blogosphere.

What is a Blog?

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Evaluating Blog Credibility

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Blog Directories and Blog Search Tools

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Blog Feeds and News Aggregators

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Starting a Blog

Blogging was designed to empower every Internet user, so it's natural that you might be wondering how you can start a blog yourself. Creating and updating a blog is easier than it might look. The sites below will take you through the process of creating a blog, whether you're a novice to the Net or a seasoned Web surfer.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Before you choose your blogging tool and hosting site, take a look at what kinds of blogs usually use each one. Some are geared toward personal or amateur sites, while others are more powerful but more complicated and thus ideal for a more advanced blogger or business.
  • Choosing which blogging platform and software to use (and there are many) will affect the look and functionality of your blog, as well as how you interact with it. The more popular platforms include Blogger (by Google), Wordpress, MySpace, and Movable Type. For more information on choosing a platform and software, check out the sites described below.
  • The assumption of anonymity on the Web can be misleading, and the risk of real-world consequences from blogging is substantial, as this article illustrates. Below we recommend sites that will help you safely take part in the blog phenomenon.
  • Many travel Web sites such as Lonely Planet or Travelpod offer easy-to-use travel blog tools to chronicle your world wanderings.
  • Most blog tools allow you to enable your readers to "comment" on your posts, adding their own insightful (or not) opinions at the bottom of your masterpieces. This feature is optional, and should only be turned on if you have a thick skin; blog commenters are notorious for their lack of etiquette.

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Blogging for Money

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