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The Way to Work: Interviews

June 09, 2008
by Rachel Balik
You spend the better part of your life at work. Our new feature, The Way to Work, offers tips and guidelines to help you succeed in the office. This week … land the job by acing the interview.

Nothing feels better than walking out of an interview knowing that you completely aced it. You looked fantastic in your freshly dry-cleaned suit. You asked all the right questions. You totally hit it off with your interviewer, who strongly hinted that he or she would be getting touch with you soon. No, this isn’t a fantasy. It can be your real life if you approach your interview in a methodical, diligent and well-educated manner. We can get you up to date on everything you should avoid in an interview and supply you with advice that will turn you into the dream job candidate you’ve always wanted to be.

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