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Travel Tales: Yellowstone National Park

June 19, 2008
by Lindsey Chapman
Anyone who’s spent substantial time in Montana, Wyoming or Idaho will probably tell you they’ve been to Yellowstone Park more times than they can count. (At least, that’s the case for me.) My family has seen the park from all of its beautiful entrances, and we’ve loved every view we’ve ever had. Something about the park, whether the natural features, wildlife or people, is different every time we go.

Boiling Point


The Wildlife

My family used to have a long-running conspiracy theory about Yellowstone: we’d never, in 26 years of going to the park together, seen a bear, so we always joked that there must not be any. Sure, we’d heard plenty of talk about bear sightings in the park, but without seeing them yourself, how can you know for sure? The animals finally took pity on us last year; my mom and brother spotted a grizzly bear with two cubs, and my husband and I found a black bear.

The Views

The Tourists

Tourists in Yellowstone Park can be as interesting as the features nature has to offer. We’ve met families from all corners of the world in Yellowstone, and heard more languages and accents spoken there than we’ve been able to identify by ear alone. It’s a great way to take in nature and culture at the same time. And based on my experiences, interacting with tourists is a wonderful way to see the park. If someone’s pulled over on the side of the road with their binoculars out, stop to ask them what they’re looking at; I’d say most people do. And it just might help you see something beautiful that you’d have missed otherwise.

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