The Olympians

Peter Morgan/AP
U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Libby Callahan, who
competed in the women's sport pistol
competition in the Olympics in Beijing,
2008. (AP)

The Olympians: Athletes Who Work Nine to Five

August 26, 2008
by Isabel Cowles
Training for the Olympics is a full-time job for most athletes: a lucky few even become wealthy from sponsorships and endorsements. But several athletes at Beijing this year also pursue other careers alongside their training. Below are a few American Olympians who are also members of the American workforce: a retired cop and army reservist, a Home Depot sales associate, a CEO, a pair of financial analysts and a softball coach.

Libby Callahan: Shooter, Army Reservist and Retired Police Officer

U.S. Army Reserve Staff Sgt. Libby Callahan, 56, is the oldest American woman competing in the Olympics. The shooter, who placed 25th in the 25-meter pistol, retired from the Washington, D.C. police force in 2003. She described her duties on the job: “Anything going on on the city streets, that was our specialty … It’s a huge mission to accomplish.”

Callahan started shooting competitively
in 1980 and joined the Army Reserve in 1985, which prompted her to take up Olympic-style shooting. She has participated in the Olympics in 1992, 1996 and 2004, where she finished 19th.

Howard Bach: Badminton Champ, Sales Associate at Home Depot

T.C. Dantzler: Greco-Roman Wrestler, Founder of TC logiQ

The Smarts: Fencers, Financial Analyst and Consultant

Cat Osterman: Softball Player, Assistant Coach at DePaul University


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