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Winter Well-Being: Seasonal Sports and Energy Boosters

December 24, 2009
by findingDulcinea Staff
With the arrival of winter 2010, it’s time to turn your New Year’s resolutions into newly discovered passions, and boost your energy. Spark your inner adrenaline junkie by tapping into cool winter sports that take place both indoors and outdoors. Plus, get tips for maintaining a positive attitude all winter long.

Sports on Ice, Snow and Rock

Don't let the cold keep you from staying active. During the wintertime, there are intensive activities to help you work up a sweat, even in the snow. But if you can't face the chill, there are indoor athletic pursuits that are just right for winter, as well.

Indoor rock climbing is good for those who fancy action, a great workout and cheap fun. Find climbing walls at local gyms and recreation centers before heading out to explore rugged cliffs and mountaintops, with help from the Indoor Rock Climbing Web site.

Curling is a game of strategy and teamwork that involves sliding a rock on ice and sweeping its path; it’s described as “lawn bowling on ice.” Blogcritics Magazine discusses the mystique behind the sport that captivated Americans during the 2006 Olympics.

Ice biking allows you to be extreme, and can take place outside your front door—all you need is a bike, helmet and ice to fuel your wild side. The Ice Bike Web site has exciting photos and insider tips to help you get started.

To change your routine a bit, try Nordic walking, the activity cross-country skiers take up to maintain their fitness during the off-season. The low-impact sport uses 90 percent of your body’s muscles, and can burn 40 percent more calories than walking alone. It’s also a way to discover parks, trails and city streets. Learn about poles and proper form in Fitness magazine’s Nordic Walking Guide.

Need a little extra boost? Escape to one of’s “Top 5 Destinations to Try a New Sport.” A vacation is a great way to learn a new sport without having to endure harsh winter weather.

Boost Your Energy for Winter Sports

As the cold, dark, damp nature of winter sets in, there are still ways to reclaim your positive spirit and manage your energy levels. The sites below explain how.

Elemenja will mentally prepare you to keep up with a winter exercise regimen, offering tips on keeping a training log and making meaningful goals.  Don’t join the 30 percent of the population who let their exercise routine hibernate during the winter months. Instead, find encouragement for getting exercise indoors, or embrace the cold air by participating in outdoor activities.

Stimulate yourself intellectually and emotionally by creating or revamping a list of things you want to do in life that you haven’t done thus far. My 50 helps you to discover your dreams, interests and goals, and connect to others who have the same interests.
Food cravings change seasonally, and The Skinny Chef will help you prepare winter-specific meals to boost your energy levels. The site offers hearty and healthy recipes, loaded with the vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants needed for the cold months.

Healthy Discovery explains how to create your own spa experience at home. Reward yourself with rest and rejuvenation without breaking the bank, or even leaving the comfort of your own home.

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