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Shop Around the Web: Laptop Bags and Cases

October 03, 2008
by Rachel Balik
Even when you’re shopping for “needs” rather than “wants,” setting out to stock up on new stuff can be fun. Sure, carrying your laptop around probably means you’re working pretty hard, but buying a case or sleeve can be just the break you need.

There are so many different kinds of laptop bags that it’s hard to choose, and easy to have buyer’s remorse. Before you make any big decisions, peruse 10 laptop bags of different varieties featured in British paper The Independent. Stylish bags for women, sleek bags for men and durable, hip bags for both sexes are featured in this top-10 compendium. Although the bags are primarily from British makers, you can still order many of these items online.
Hop back to the U.S. of A., where Timbuk2 is arguably the definitive bag for people who are serious about both protecting their computers and mastering the look of the super-cool computer nerd. (Think Silicon Valley circa 1992.) The company now boasts numerous iterations of its once-standard messenger bag. Bags, cases and sleeves come in all different shapes, colors, fabrics and sizes; Timbuk2 even makes a special sleeve for the MacBook Air. Buying a bag for someone else and can’t choose? The gift cards are pretty hip too.
For a bag that’s even more sporty than the Timbuk2 offerings, check out the hardcore bags from Oakley. These bags are strong enough to take you and your computer to outer space, up a mountain or on a crowded train. OK, so we can’t vouch for the space travel, but we can promise that these bags are extremely durable, come in a variety of styles depending on your carrying needs and also boast lots of pockets and pouches so you can bring plenty of stuff in addition to your laptop. For business folks, try the basic bag that even offers protection for your Bluetooth device. If you’re more rugged, the Icon backpack might be a more sensible choice.
One thing the Oakley bags have in common is that they’re a bit bulky. If you’re looking for something more streamlined or if you already have a bag or briefcase you like and are looking for a way to protect your laptop, Caselogic can help. Use the site’s laptop case finder, a tool that allows you enter either the type of laptop you have, or its dimensions. Then Caselogic will search for all the cases and bags that will fit your particular model.
Of course, most of the Caselogic cases are light on the cool quotient. But the Crumpler site promises, “Crumpler Makes You Sexy.” These bags are both practical and extremely hip. Reminiscent of Timbuk2 bags, many of the Crumpler bags have a more grown-up feel; they’re less San Francisco bike messenger and more posh Londoner. Choose from numerous sleek styles and bright colors that say, “feel free to take me very seriously, even though I am definitely not a square.”
For the ultimate protection of your computer, try the RadTech MacTruck. The aluminum briefcase cradles your Mac and makes you look like you’re an envoy from the 22nd century. Purchase a shoulder strap for your case, or stick the whole thing in your usual laptop bag.

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