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Finding the Perfect Halloween Costume

October 28, 2009
by Rachel Balik
Halloween is the one day out of the year when you can be whoever, or whatever, you want. You’re faced with endless possibilities, endless choices and endless potential for fun. This week, Shop Around the Web offers help with your Halloween costume; learn how to make your own or buy the best ones available online.

Getting Inspired

Some of the country’s most spectacular costumes are on display every year at the Greenwich Village Halloween parade. See a photo gallery of the 2008 parade and watch these very serious Halloween fanatics march and get inspired by this display of the most outrageous, most glittery, or scariest costumes you’ve ever seen. You might even find some ideas worth borrowing.

Make Your Own Halloween Costume

If you’re good with a needle and thread, why not sew your own Halloween costume? Simplicity is a New York City-based company that designs sewing patterns. A particularly robust section on costumes saves you the trouble of generating ideas from scratch. Organized by type, you’ll find costumes for adults, children, toddlers and even your pets.

Those with time, but not money, to spend might find what they need in a Hartford Courant article about on how to make a Halloween costume on a budget. One mother made her daughter a costume for as little as five dollars, by using things she already owned. Other suggestions include visiting thrift stores and community trading sites to get materials.

Buying Costumes

Some people love the thrill of getting a store-bought costume. If that’s you, head to BuyCostumes.com, which offers a vast selection of costumes. The costumes might be bit pricier that what’s available at your local drugstore, but you’ll find costumes for everyone and more choices than you can imagine. Costumes are clearly sectioned off by categories, such as adult, child, brand, and style.

Save money at Spirit Halloween by grabbing a friend and placing your order together. When you do, the second costume is 50 percent off. Explore the site’s broad selection of Halloween costumes and accessories and you’re sure to find something to suit everyone’s taste. You might even consider buying next year’s costume this year, if you think you’re capable of making so many decisions at once.

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