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Shop Around the Web: Sunglasses

August 01, 2008
by Rachel Balik
It’s always fun to shop for those little extras in life—the stuff you may not need but definitely want. In “Shop Around the Web,” we show you sites that will help you perk up your purchases. This week, we’ll introduce you to the Wide World of Sunglasses. Some sunglasses set trends, some help set athletic records. Wade into the sea of shades with the information below.

Chic Shades

Everybody knows that the one and only point of sunglasses is to make you look like a celebrity, right? Well, some people might argue with that statement, but not the people at In their “Anatomy of a Classic” feature, the editors at Style explore the origins of various types of shades, and select high-fashion contemporary examples of each one. Feast your eyes on glamorous lenses labeled “first in flight,” “major jewels,” “cat power,” “full brights,” “metallica” and “wrap stars.” Remember that there’s a price to pay for fashion. If it’s not one that you can afford, you can still get inspiration from these classic designs.
You know how whenever you see somebody wearing something truly amazing, it always seems to come from Europe? You can be that enviable person—but without experiencing the hassle of that transatlantic flight—by visiting Vintage Sunglasses. This German Web site specializes in vintage sunglasses from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, and conveniently lists all its prices in U.S. dollars. Your friends will all be wondering where you got those fantastic “antique” Ray-Bans and you can respond casually (and honestly), “Oh, in Europe.”

Made and Priced to Wear

Sure, you want your sunglasses to up your coolness factor. But the reality is, the sun’s rays are dangerous for your eyes, and the point of sunglasses is to protect them. New York CBS affiliate CBS 2 decided to find out if paying more for sunglasses meant you’d get better protection. It turns out that the best UV protection came from a pair of glasses that cost $6.95. In fact, many designer glasses offer slightly less protection. CBS’s advice: check for a sticker guaranteeing 100% UV protection before you purchase that new pair of shades.
Lens quality aside, if you’re looking for frames that don’t scream, “I paid seven dollars for these," Fossil provides a happy medium for those seeking style without a steep price.  Offering sunglasses for both Women and Men, Fossil breaks down sunglasses into two pricing groups: $25–$49 and $50–$74.

Athletic Vision

Fossil’s shades may come across as sporty, but serious athletes need sunglasses that do more than look the part. Triathlon Lab has sunglasses specifically intended for people competing in swimming-running-biking competitions. The glasses are designed for a variety of conditions, and many come with interchangeable lenses so they can be worn in all levels of light.
Paragon Sports has gear for every type of athlete, and its selection of sunglasses, many of them polarized, is all-inclusive. Whether you need your glasses to complement intense physical exertion or you’re stuck in the ’90s and still think Oakleys are cool, Paragon has got you covered, or shaded, as it were.

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