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Shop Around the Web: Sport Coats and Blazers

August 15, 2008
by Liz Colville
It’s always fun to shop for those little extras in life — the stuff you may not need but definitely want. In “Shop Around the Web,” we show you sites that will help you perk up your purchases. This week we look at men’s sport coats and blazers: essential items for fall that can spend years, even decades, in a man’s closet.

The Inspiration

facebook, the home of Men’s Vogue and Details, has fall recommendations for men that claim to take a tight budget into consideration; “Trad and True” is a slide show of preppy must-haves and hotspots, including after-work bars, books, shoes and overcoats. The price tags on the jackets might still be eye-popping, but each item has a pared-down, perennial quality.

Style’s jacket picks include Michael Kors’s casual camel jacket, part of the American designer’s fall/winter 2008 ready-to-wear collection. According to fashion critics and Kors himself, the collection draws its inspiration from “Mad Men,” old Hollywood, Elvis Costello and other “sexy geeks.” Watch an interview with Kors, hosted by the Ford Models Web site.
“Trad and True” also showcases Dunhill’s black corduroy suit, an update of this classic cold-weather material. The Dunhill fashion line gets an extra kick of suavity from Jude Law, who models the Dunhill fall/winter collection on the company’s site.
Preppy goes professorial with veteran British designer Paul Smith’s fall/winter collection, which includes tweed, dark velvet and leather jacket options. Most jackets are blazer-length, with several above-knee options that can function as standalone fall overcoats. Watch a video of the collection from YouTube. Purchase Paul Smith’s collection from
Find more designer jackets and blazers at the Saks Fifth Avenue online men’s store.

Affordably Inspired

Brooks Brothers is a mainstay of high-quality sport coats and blazers, and these sound investments won’t break the bank the way runway items can. Normally running in the three- digit range, these jackets are consistently classic and preppy, in dark colors like navy and brown, and with a few solid and striped variations on tweed and herringbone.

French company A.P.C. dials back on cost with chic, simple and wearable designs that draw parallels to this year’s runway collections. A.P.C. is sold in its own stores and select retailers around the United States, and it also has an online store where you can view and buy the fall collection. This season’s men’s jackets come mostly in brown shades and in wool or cotton.
Banana Republic offers a variety of styles and textures of fall blazers, jackets and waistcoats at very reasonable prices. The Banana Republic offerings are heavy on basics and light on adventure, but textures ranging from cotton to velvet and colors ranging from khaki to burgundy keep things interesting.

Topshop is an immensely popular British store opening in New York City this fall. For those outside the Big Apple who find Topshop’s allure impossible to resist, there’s an online store accessible to non-U.K. residents. Topman, the men’s division, offers edgy, affordable clothes suitable for younger men. Using mostly a gray palette, Topman’s blazers are lightweight and slim-fitting.

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