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Shop Around the Web: Men’s Wallets

September 19, 2008
by Liz Colville
Men’s wallets come in all shapes and sizes. They can be ergonomic, painful, stylish, super-thin and cutting-edge. This week we look at a variety of solutions for holding men’s essentials.

The Splurge

For its Spring/Summer 2009 collection, Versace debuts a larger calfskin wallet with room for more cards, as well as  a more affordable card holder. At $370 and $180, respectively, these may be the definition of “splurge,” but they caught the attention of the bloggers at’s Material Interest, who liked the simple silver logo on the front.

Gucci’s selection of wallets features designs with the company’s brown, green and red insignia in both synthetic materials and an array of supple leather wallets and card cases. In the wallet-busting range of $100 to $250, Gucci’s line can be found on Bergdorf Goodman’s Web site.

A leather wallet by Coach will set you back about $100, and may need to be replaced every few years as the natural material wears. Fortunately, Coach’s designs are classic and change little from season to season, which will please even the most stick-in-the-mud wallet shoppers. The Coach line also features card cases and passport carriers. The Coach logo is low-key on most of the designs, and the colors are usually brown, black and tan.

Men’s Folio carries a number of European designer brands like Cerruti, Alfred Dunhill and Cartier, and many of these designs depart from the traditional black and tan: Cerruti offers a number of dark green options, while Dunhill showcases canvas-and-cowhide styles with subtle motifs embossed on the exterior.

Down-to-Earth Choices

Fossil uses genuine leather or leather-like equivalents in their affordable yet sturdy wallets, priced at about $30 to $50. The Fossil collection also includes belt clips, card holders and passport holders, and features dozens of different styles.

Tumi, known for durable luggage, laptop cases and handbags, has a large collection of wallets online, with most designs coming in more than one color. The price range is very reasonable—around $48 to $128—and a variety of leather textures are available.

For those who dare to depart from the predictable wallet world of brown and black, New York-based J. Fold has affordable options in brightly colored printed leather. Often thinner than their more conventional counterparts, J. Fold wallets are like a pair of vintage Nike sneakers; sporty emblems and surprising color pairings make each one stand out. The company also sells bags.

Another worthwhile stop for innovative wallet designs is Flight 001, the travel accessory store that brings together bags, wallets, watches, travel guides, neck pillows, travel bottles and much more from a variety of manufacturers. Browse the wallet section of the Web site for colorful options for both genders. Some wallets are made to last; others are simple choices suitable for a trip abroad or other short-term uses.

A Pocketful of Comfort

Many chiropractors agree that something as apparently minor as a wallet lodged in a back pocket and sat upon all day, can change a man’s posture, with dire consequences for the vertebrae. In the New York Times in 2005, Michelle Slatalla observed this very problem in her husband, and set out to find the “world’s thinnest wallet” (starting with Google, naturally). She settled on the All-Ett, now available in fabric or leather, which bills itself as the world’s thinnest wallet. Slatalla found a close runner-up with the Slimmy, available on The leather Slimmy is slightly thicker than the fabric All-Ett, but is still significantly skinnier than the overstuffed money/credit card holders most men carry around all day. Both of these svelte wallet choices can be had for under $40 each.

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