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Shop Around the Web: Jeans

September 12, 2008
by Rachel Balik
Even when you’re shopping for “needs” rather than “wants,” setting out to stock up on new stuff can be fun. In “Shop Around the Web” we’ll show you sites that will help you perk up your purchases. This week, we focus on jeans, the blue-trousered essential that now can be worn everywhere.

For Jean Junkies

There are all different levels of jean obsession. Some people are obsessed with a certain style of jean, other people are on a quest for a particular perfect pair, and others are obsessed with buying jeans as fast as possible and avoiding the drama. Denimology, a UK site “for those addicted to premium and vintage denim jeans,” and has information that’s valuable for everyone. Read the blog, read reviews or shop for men’s and women’s jeans. You can choose from a number of alphabetized brands, browse by style or check out the short list of top sellers.

Levi’s is the classic place to shop for jeans; the company was the first in the United States to manufacture denim workpants. The site has jeans for men, women and boys. Explore different fits and styles using the Fit Guide or stay abreast of sales and promotions feature on the home page.

Jeans on a Budget

While Levi’s certainly retains that working-class image, the jeans don’t always come with a working-class price tag. Luckily, there’s a way for people who are jeans addicted to protect their wallets from damage. Old Navy has closely examined designer jeans and mimicked the styles. The only obvious difference is pretty huge: it’s the price. The store offers numerous styles of women’s and men’s jeans.

Just Jeans for Women

While most women know that nothing can be more attractive or comfortable than the perfect pair of jeans, women who are not Kate Moss recognize that a pair of flattering jeans that fits can be pretty difficult to come by. Some women find shopping for jeans so traumatic that they avoid it all together. If you’re one of those avoider-women and have resigned yourself to being the lone soldier in the fight to keep leggings trendy, put down your weapon (and your addiction to the 80s). Zafu can save you a lot of heartache by helping you find your perfect jeans. Answer a number of questions about yourself relating to body type, fashion preferences, needs and age group, and get set up with the style that will most flatter your body. You’ll see a list of brands and styles, and Zafu will explain why each pair of jeans suits your body when you click “How does it fit me?”

Continue your research with iVillage’s Ultimate Guide to buying denim. It promises to tell you everything you need to know about jeans and from what we can tell, it just about hits the mark. The page is filled with articles about selecting suitable styles, what names means, how celebrities wear jeans, how jeans can make you look thinner and even how to dress up your jeans for nighttime.

If your problem with jeans isn’t the price tag or the fit, but the carbon footprint, Lucky magazine can direct you to some of the ecofriendly denim brands out there and where to buy them.

Just Jeans for Guys

Men are lucky: they don’t have to keep wondering if a pair of jeans is making their butt look too big. The downside? Unlike most women, who generally must limit themselves to a few suitable styles, men usually have a whole world of jeans to choose from, which can be overwhelming. GQ magazine does some of the preliminary legwork, selecting about 20 pairs from a pool of 400, and creating a slideshow of the best jeans for guys.

New York magazine also has some suggestions about best jeans for men to wear. The list is from 2005, but the styles are still current, as is information about where you can find the pants in question. Jeans range from most to least expensive, and each pair/photograph is accompanied by a description about what makes the jeans unique.

Still, as notes, “most of us would rather go to the dentist than spend a long time trying on clothes.” So, save a little time with their men’s denim-buying tips. On your own, would you remember to bring your favorite belt with you to the dressing room, or buy your jeans a little long so you have hemming options? If not, let AskMen be your guide in selecting and taking care of your jeans.

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