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Shop Around the Web: Day Planners and Organizers

September 05, 2008
by Shannon Firth
Your planner should suit your life. Travelers want an organizer with city maps, time zones, credit card holders and pockets for receipts. Parents appreciate perforated to-do lists and preformatted information sheets for babysitters. Students need hourly schedule pages and lots of space to write down assignments. The sites below will help you find your ideal organizer.

Day Planners for Parents

Blogger, children’s book author and busy mom Melissa Wiley recommends the momAgenda, which divides each day’s page into morning, noon and night and then subdivides the bottom portion of the page into categories for four children’s activities. She also likes familytime.mine, which offers pages to track daily and weekly events by season. Her blog offers several key photo spreads from the organizer.

The Milk and Cookies blog on the Work It, Mom! Web site examines a number of useful, unique day planners, such as the Bubble Planner, which provides “bubble maps” to help you set goals and brainstorm, and the Moleskine Planner, which apparently has a fanatic consumer base. The Slingshot Organizer includes the American Sign Language alphabet, a list of great books and tips on dealing with government repression (the 2008 version is out of stock; check in later for the 2009 edition).

Ribboned majilite day planners from Truly Mom are a mom’s “portable desk on the go.” Made from a durable leather-like material, they hold sticky notes, to-do lists, a “my day” list and a pull-out calendar.

Organizers for Professionals

If you are willing to pay a little more, the Day-Timer Web site allows you to tailor your own planner. As the designer, you select the binding, size, type of cover—vinyl, armorhide, or distressed leather—and the date when you’d like your planner to begin.

Baldwin Cooke executive planners
include a three-year reference calendar as well as time zone and area code charts, perfect for travelers. It also displays eight full-month calendars at one side of each set of pages.

The Filofax is a universal favorite. They come in standard and miniature sizes. The ones made of more exotic materials, such as ostrich or alligator, can be pretty pricey, but the Botanic organizer offers a vibrant and less expensive alternative.

Student Planners

In 2006, technology consultant and blogger Vissi d’arte wrote about her enthusiasm for children’s planners. She bought FranklinCovey day planners for her niece and nephew, which she believes are “much cooler” than the “boring” school offerings, she says, “with a neat cover, graphics, tips on studying, planning, relationships, etc … I am just sorry these weren’t available when I was a kid.”

For older students, Day Runner’s At-A-Glance collegiate planner slices the day into hourly chunks, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The bottom section of each page provides space to scribble unscheduled tasks, important reminders and nighttime fun.

Pixels, Not Paper

If you’re looking for an electronic organizational solution, findingDulcinea’s PDA Web Guide and BlackBerry Web Guide can help you get set up.

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