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Election Issues: Immigration

August 10, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
Both candidates support comprehensive immigration reform. Obama will make it his top priority, while McCain plans to secure borders first. Learn more about their conflicting stances in findingDulcinea’s survey of key issues in the November election.

John McCain defied many conservatives during his tenure in the Senate by cosponsoring comprehensive immigration reform legislation with Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy that ultimately failed passing. This bill was also supported by Senator Barack Obama, who stressed his support of the bill during the Democratic primaries.
The positions between the candidates are so similar that immigration is unlikely to be as contentious an issue between the candidates as it will be with each candidate’s constituency. Both McCain and Obama are trying to appeal to Hispanic voters but also have hard-line anti-illegal immigration voters within their coalition. The New York Sun takes a look at the fine line each candidate is walking.     
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