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Election Issues: Education

August 15, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
Both presidential candidates will fine tune America’s education system, but McCain’s approach allocates funds to school choice initiatives, while Obama plans to invest federal money in science, math and technology. Learn more about their stances in findingDulcinea’s survey of key issues in the November election.

Obama’s Plan

In a 2007 speech in Manchester, N.H., Sen. Barack Obama said that the No Child Left Behind Act was not properly funded. He supports the higher educational standards and the distribution of high-quality resources and qualified teachers called for by the act. However, he argues that it has demoralized the education system by not providing states with the resources needed to meet these goals. He proposed an $18 billion education reform plan, calling on the collaboration of teachers, parents and the government to improve America’s schools.

In addition to reforming the No Child Left Behind Act, Obama will expand outreach and afterschool programs, highlight math and science education, and create the American Opportunity Tax Credit to ease the “soaring” cost of college, which he identifies as a key problem in America’s school system. He also proposes simplifying the financial aid application process to make higher education more accessible to students.

McCain’s Plan

In a 2007 speech to Alpha Omega Publishing in Rock Rapids, Iowa, Senator John McCain endorsed the No Child Left Behind Act and proposed a voucher program, in which parents would receive money for education and could choose whether to spend it on public or private education.

McCain plans to deliver federal education funding in “unrestricted block grants,” allowing states to decide how to allocate the money. He promotes equal access to education for all children and demands that only the most qualified teachers be hired in schools, that they be rewarded for their service, and that unqualified teachers receive assistance finding other employment.

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