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Charles Dharapak/AP
Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., left, watches while campaigning for Republican
presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain.

Campaign Profiles: Key Speakers at the Republican National Convention: Tuesday

September 02, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
Hurricane Gustav caused the Republican Party to delay the ceremonies associated with their national convention. As a result, the speaking lineup has seen some last-minute changes, with Sen. Joe Lieberman and former presidential candidate Fred Thompson filling in for keynote speaker Rudy Giuliani.

Joe Lieberman

Joe Lieberman is currently in his fourth term as senator of Connecticut. He entered the national spotlight in 2000 when he joined the Democratic ticket as Al Gore’s vice-president choice. The self-described “independent Democrat” supported John McCain early in the election, marking the first cross-party endorsement of 2008.

The senator joined Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina as a constant fixture on the McCain campaign, which sparked speculation that he would be McCain’s pick for vice president. But Lieberman consistently denied any interest in the position.