Travel Tales: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

February 28, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
I think of Cape Cod as a land of dichotomies: the place where beauty meets adventure. It was the first landing spot of the Pilgrims, but they left for better soil. It’s home to fishing villages, party towns, exquisite beaches, and expensive artwork. A vacation spot that many visit to escape from the world, it’s also the site of the first transatlantic wireless communication. Below are some of the best ways to be enthralled, or just chill, on the Cape.

The Back Beach


This house is allowed to be on the dunes. It's an official National Seashore building for Provincetown's ocean beach.


The history buff in me has always been enthralled by tale of the Whydah’s captain, Samuel “Black Sam” Bellamy, and his Cape Cod lover, Maria Hallett, whom he supported first by digging up treasures from sunken ships, and eventually with piracy. I was immediately drawn to the initial Whydah exhibit, hosted in the dark and ghostly lobby of the historic Provincetown Pilgrim Monument. The new museum is quite well done, but it’s also well lit, which, in my personal opinion, detracts from the sunken ship’s eerie charm.

Keeping the Light On

Sunsets in Race Point, Provincetown are famous. We just caught the tail-end of this one.
Rachel Balik
Guides Writer

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