Travel Tales: Cold Spring

February 25, 2008
by Sarah Amandolare
A travel story about Cold Spring, New York, a sleepy village getaway described from the perspective of a seasoned visitor and Upstate New York resident, including links to tourist attractions, lesser-known spots, unique stores, and more.

Picture-Perfect Putnam Day

We thought of Cold Spring as a sleepy village our parents would be fond of, filled with kitschy boutiques, cafés serving salads and espresso, and white picket fences lined with pink roses and daisies. To a certain extent, my friend Janelle and I were correct in our assumptions of the Putnam County, New York, getaway. We drove there on a suitably picture-perfect summer day, and found that Cold Spring is quaint, quiet, and in some ways, old—but that’s exactly what makes it so charming.

Happenings on Main Street

Cold Spring is a haven for antiques shoppers, particularly up and down Main Street, where several antiques shops and boutiques brim with unique items.

Fall in Cold Spring

Sarah Amandolare
Senior Guides Writer

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