Travel Tales: Israel

March 24, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
I never had strong feelings about Israel until I heard about the Birthright program, at which point I started to have very strong feelings about the possibility of a free vacation. The Birthright program sponsors trips for 18–26 year old Jews who have never been to Israel. Although I’m no longer a practicing Jew, I was intrigued by Israel, and three weeks after graduating college, I was off to explore my roots.

The Old City

As soon as our group disembarked from the plane, we gathered in a circle to start playing bonding games. Apparently, Israel was the land of milk, honey and no-time-for-jet lag.  I did my best to learn everyone’s name and stretch my legs (cramped from the nine-hour plane ride) at the same time, but by the next morning, I was exhausted.

Before we visited the Western Wall, we viewed the entire city from above, where we could see the Dome of the Rock as well.

The North

Remembering the Six Million

From this picture, you can't tell how tired we were as we began ascending Massada; probably because you can't see our faces.

Mysticism from the Middle Ages


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