Fun for Kids: San Antonio and the Alamo

February 07, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
Hearing someone recite the familiar line, "Remember the Alamo" evokes images of Texas and gunfights. Today you can visit the Alamo—both the real site of the famous battle, or the interactive, kid-friendly Web site—along with millions of other. The city of San Antonio offers other unique attractions for kids and families, and all are easy to visit.

Starting with the Alamo


Remembering Davy Crockett

Setting Records

These days, you can find accomplishments and strange feats of all varieties in the “Guinness Book of World Records,” and San Antonio is home to one of the entries. Just south of the Alamo is the Fairmont Hotel, a three-story brick structure built in 1906. The Fairmont's claim to world-record fame is that it is the largest building ever moved fully intact. It took four days, in 1985, to move the 3.2-million-pound building—50 feet at a time—the length of five city blocks. The move cost $650,000.

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