December 21, 2007
by findingDulcinea Staff
Amsterdam is a historic port city located near the River Amstel. It is best accessed by foot bridges due to its many canals. Beyond its natural beauty, Amsterdam has become a haven for art buffs and those who want to explore the city’s famous vices.


Anne Frank spent her historic WWII confinement in an Amsterdam house. Learn about her life, view questions and answers regarding the famous Anne Frank chestnut tree, and view a virtual exhibit at the Anne Frank Museum.
In the springtime, Amsterdam blooms in a palette of pink, red, yellow, and white. Learn more about the famous Dutch tulips from the Amsterdam Tulip Museum.
Bicycles are one of Amsterdam’s most popular and economical modes of transportation. Watch a video of the many cyclists who commute during rush hour.

Venice of the North

Canals divide Amsterdam into ninety small islands, linked together by more than a thousand bridges. View pictures of this charming city and learn more about its origins as a medieval fishing village.


Amsterdam’s Red Light District is located in the oldest part of the city and gets its name from the red fluorescent lights that indicate the presence of erotic services. The neighborhood is big tourist attraction and is regarded as very tolerant of varying sexual preferences.
Amsterdam is famous for its coffee shops, which legally sell marijuana along with the usual cream and sugar. Due to pressure from conservative mayors and the government coalition, the number of cannabis outlets has declined from a peak of nearly 1,500 to about 750 (as of May 2005).

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