December 05, 2007
by findingDulcinea Staff
Thailand is Southeast Asia's most popular tourist destination. Experience the ancient ruins, natural beauty, and exotic cuisine of this lively locale, without ever leaving your seat, via the Internet.

Blog Roll

One of the best ways to get a real feel for a country is by reading blogs: Jamie Monk’s blog gives a complete picture. View photos and read descriptions of events in the area known as Phuket. Choose activities, festivals, and favorites: learn what it would be like to live in Thailand, or just browse around and take your own vacation.
The Lost Boy is a blog written by Matt, a 24-year-old journalist who went to Bangkok to teach English and now works for a newspaper there. He writes about music, sports, gossip, and the occasional idyllic Thailand experience.


As a city of more than 7 million people with a bustling economic center, Bangkok is always moving. But you can slow it down a little, thanks to TK Time Lapse; take a look at the skyline and the streets from day to night.
One of the best-known open-air markets in Bangkok is Taling Chan. Watch a video of the busy floating market through YouTube.
The Grand Palace sits in the center of Bangkok and served as the residence of the king of Thailand until the 20th century. The structure covers over 200,000 meters and was protected by a 1,900-meter-high wall and a canal that served as a moat. Today the palace is used for ceremonial purposes; the grounds and the central temple are open to the public. Take a 360-degree view online through Encarta.

Buddhist Temples

Theraveda Buddhism is practiced throughout South Asia and is the main religion in Thailand. The central text, the Pali Canon, can be found online and provides further insight into the religion.
Thailand has over 30,000 temples, serving either as the sites for religious ceremonies or as monasteries. You can view images of the six largest “royal” temples, as well as some other famous structures, at Thai Buddhist.
Take a slideshow tour of some of Thailand’s most famous temples and religious sites on YouTube.
The ancient city of Ayutthaya was the capital of Siam for some time and still stands as an impressive collection of beautiful buildings. It comprises several monasteries and a temple with tall, elegant towers. Ayutthaya is now a UNESCO World Heritage site, and you can take a virtual tour of the city online.

Phi-Phi Islands

The Phi-Phi Islands, located off the western coast of Thailand, have been an increasingly popular tourist site since 2000, when the movie The Beach, staring Leonardo DiCaprio, was released. These Real Travel bloggers made the trip and write about their adventures on the boat, complete with pictures of their snorkeling trip
Visit Travelistic to join one climber as she makes the ascent to the highest spot on Phi Phi, known as "the Viewpoint." From the top of the Viewpoint, you get the best picture of Phi Phi's beaches, the ocean, and an amazing sunset.
Much of Phi Phi's famous coral reefs were severely damaged during the 2004 Tsunami. Phi Phi Dive Camp was founded soon after the Tsunami and initiates projects to rebuild the reef with the help of marine biologists and volunteers. The site has information about the project and its goals, as well as an archive of underwater photos detailing reef restoration.

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