December 07, 2007
by findingDulcinea Staff
Along with European history and a rich cultural tradition, Montenegro boasts miles of Adriatic coastline. On May 21, 2006, the people of Montenegro voted for independence from Serbia. It is now a sovereign state and a recognized United Nations member.

Getting to Know Montenegro

Did you know that Montenegro encompasses an area about the size of Connecticut? The CIA World Factbook is a gold mine of information, covering topics such as: the national birthrate; terrain and climate descriptions; and origins of the country’s name.
The climate of Montenegro varies according to location. Read about the contrast between the sunny coastal winters and the snow-capped mountains. If you’re wondering about the average December temperature or the number of hours of sunlight, have a look at this site’s easy-to-read weather table.
In June 2006, the United States recognized Montenegro as a sovereign nation. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stated that her country "look[s] forward to continued friendship and cooperation with the people of Montenegro." Download an audio clip or read the text of the official statement that recognized Montenegro.

Cultural Offerings

Montenegrin cuisine is rich and nourishing, with an emphasis on potatoes, stews, and milk. Visit the Montenegrin food page for descriptions of traditional dishes, as well as local wines and brandies.
The Treasures of Montenegro offers links and photos of the region’s most important churches, literary contributions, works of art, and historic landmarks. The selections reflect Montenegro’s Greek, Arab, and Slavic influences.
One of the most significant music festivals in the Mediterranean takes place every summer in Budva. This festival promotes characteristic Mediterranean songs. View photos of the festival and the town of Budva in this site’s photo gallery.
Listen to Calabash’s free sample of Montenegrin music. This type of music is part of Montenegro’s rich cultural tradition and is an example of what might be featured at the Budva music festival. This site also serves as a guide to fair trade music downloads from Montenegrin artists.

The View

Scroll down Galen Frysinger’s travel photo gallery for breathtaking images of Montenegro. When you’ve finished viewing Budva’s cobblestone streets and castle ruins, have a look at some other countries in the Mediterranean for comparison. offers a dazzling selection of free, professional photos. Feel the sea, mountains, lakes, and rivers of the country known as “Black Mountain.” Enjoy the cities, history, and culture, and get to know the people of Montenegro.
Bird-watching in Montenegro is a great way to explore the natural beauty of the country. Montenegro is situated on the migratory routes of many species and has a wide array of hospitable climate zones. It’s no surprise that 57 percent of the European Union’s 526 bird species can be found in Montenegro.

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