December 06, 2007
by findingDulcinea Staff
Castelmezzano is located in the southernmost region of Italy, an area far less traveled than the northern cities of Milan, Florence, and Rome. Although it has remained under the tourism radar, this picturesque hamlet offers plenty to do, see, and eat.

On the Map

Want to picture yourself basking in the warm sun of the southern Mediterranean? Find out what the local weather forecast is like for Castelmezzano.
If you imagine the peninsula of Italy as a boot, Castelmezzano can be located between the heel and the toe. To familiarize yourself with geographic location of this idyllic town, have a look Italy World Club’s map.

Hidden Gem

Castelmezzano was recently named one of Budget Travel’s “10 Best Places You’ve Never Heard Of.” Read what a recent globetrotter has to say about the fairy-tale village’s unique places.
With archaeological remains dating back to the Hellenistic period, the history of Castelmezzano is long and intriguing. WhereinItaly’s account provides insight on the various conquests and invasions that have shaped the culture of the region.
Italy Magazine provides summaries of Italy’s southernmost provinces; Basilicata, Puglia, and Calabria. Read all about the history, culture, and cuisine of Basilicata, the province where Castelmezzano is located.

Art, Food, and Photos

Fabrizio Fiorenzano Photography and Art hosts an article and beautiful photo gallery documenting the caves in the nearby town of Matera. The city, which is less than an hour’s drive from Castelmezzano, was created out of a rocky ravine. The numerous natural caves in Matera were the first dwellings of the Neolithic inhabitants of the region, who transformed the natural landscape into new forms of architecture.
Rustico Cooking provides great recipe ideas as well as mouthwatering photos. Just try not to lick your computer screen when you view the photo of orecchiette pasta with meatballs and fresh mozarrella.
The Alleanza Nationale is a political party with local clubs throughout Italy. Although the text of this Web site is in Italian, the photographs offer an intimate glimpse of Castelmezzano. These photos of daily life are difficult to find elsewhere on the web. Alleanza Nationale Circolo Photo Gallery

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