November 30, 2007
by findingDulcinea Staff
All but the extreme South-Western area of Siberia lies in Russia. Almost all of the population lives in the South, near the famous Trans-Siberian Railway route. For those of us unwilling or unable to endure the Siberian climate, the Internet provides a multitude of images, videos, and informative articles. Read on the experience this desolate region from the comfort of your own home.

Where is it?

MSN Encarta’s world atlas is a great starting point for your Siberian adventure. View this map and find out where Siberia is located in relation to the rest of Europe.
Dmitri Sokolenko’s photographs of Siberia showcase the variety of plant and animal life in the region, as well as the myriad activities available to tourists and residents, such as rock climbing, admiring art and architecture, and traveling on the Magistral, the great Trans-Siberian Railroad. The line’s official name, according to Brittanica, is “Transsibirskaya Zheleznodorozhnaya Magistral”.

On Top of the World

Travelistic, the travel video site, showcases a video on Baikal Lake. The video takes us on a tour of the region, including its town, the lake, notable architecture, and more.

By Rail

Watch a video clip of a Trans-Siberian right of passage - drinking vodka with Russians on a train in the middle of Siberia.

Furry Relics of Yore

In July a baby mammoth, remarkably well-preserved, was discovered in Siberia by a reindeer herder. With eyes and some fur still intact, the mammoth is believed to be 10,000 years old. Read what scientists hope to do with this great find.
Way to Russia’s photo gallery of Siberia offers a glimpse of the beautiful Altay Mountains, where ancient cliff carvings can be seen by passing tourists.  From breathtaking panoramas to ice covered cliffs, the landscape images on this site are worth a look.

Rural Planning

For those eager to explore the country by rail, Geographia has more detailed information, including pictures, of the Trans-Siberian Railway and the cities and towns along its route.

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