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Going Green

November 26, 2007
by findingDulcinea Staff
The Internet gives us boundless ways to shrink our negative impact on the environment. There are plenty more ways to help out than just handing over a check. You’ll find in this week’s article that every method of decreasing our impact on the environment (also known as a carbon footprint) has its complementary Web address. Whether it’s a charity, a car, an organic farm, some statistics, or just a few friendly tips you’re after, the online resources are vast.

Some well-known people are leading the charge in the green movement, using their influence to spread the word about environmentally friendly practices. Larry David is one such figure, giving new meaning to comedy in the process. Last year the actor and co-creator of Seinfeld attended a fundraiser for hybrid cars, purchasing two of them for himself and one for his Curb Your Enthusiasm character.

Leave it to Gore

He may not have made it to the presidency, but Al Gore has been involved in environmental issues since the beginning of his time in Congress. In 2006 he published the book and film, An Inconvenient Truth, based on his experiences lecturing about global climate change to companies, schools, and the general public around the world.

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