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Pangea Day: Uniting the World with Film

May 10, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
The first Pangea Day is Saturday, May 10. The global event will be using film to unite audiences with speakers, music and other performances that showcase the cultural variety and inquisitive minds on our planet.

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Behind Pangea Day: Jehane Noujaim

Noujaim’s goal with Pangea Day is to give people who clearly want to change the world to have an opportunity to do so. Noujaim remarked that the audience at “Control Room” screenings asked her what they could do to help countries in trouble. She conceived Pangea Day for such people, backed by research showing how powerfully film, television, and the Web can influence people; in particular, young people, the newest agents of change in the world. The site’s FAQ page links to some of this research.

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